Gauti  Sigthorsson


I learned to code on a Sinclair Spectrum back in the paleolithic, and probably would have gone into computing if I hadn't loved literature just a bit more. My PhD was on cybernetics and the genealogy of the digital subject in the 20th century. My current research is in the area of digital media and the creative industries. My most recent publication, written with Rosamund Davies, is Introducing the Creative Industries: From Theory to Practice (SAGE 2013).

  • Collaborative Writing with Zotero


    I would like to see a session on collaborative writing, focusing on the use of Zotero for sharing resources and references. Writing papers on books collaboratively is complicated at the best of times. How can Zotero make those citations flow a bit more smoothly? I imagine this as a fairly focused workshop on Zotero-assisted writing, for academics and researchers, but if participants would also like to discuss the basics of Zotero use, that’s fine.

    I suggest this out of curiosity about other people’s work habits and tools. If anyone has a similar workshop idea or wants to discuss related software, I’d be delighted to share.

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