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  • Visualisations 101


    Hello THATcampers,

    As a sort of technical person, I thought I might run a Make, Play and Teach session on how to make visualisations which have a greater pedagogical use and benefit that a pie chart that wobbles a little and is no better than what excel could give you.

    Some examples I’ve made in past that I’d be happy to share development methods and approaches for

    1) – A variety of wikipedia and crowdsourced maps made using Google Earth

    2) – Variety of visualisations made from Plays / Books

    3) – Some visualisation tools, that take user input

    Happy to be led as to what people would like to learn though

    Feedback welcome


  • Collaborative Writing with Zotero


    I would like to see a session on collaborative writing, focusing on the use of Zotero for sharing resources and references. Writing papers on books collaboratively is complicated at the best of times. How can Zotero make those citations flow a bit more smoothly? I imagine this as a fairly focused workshop on Zotero-assisted writing, for academics and researchers, but if participants would also like to discuss the basics of Zotero use, that’s fine.

    I suggest this out of curiosity about other people’s work habits and tools. If anyone has a similar workshop idea or wants to discuss related software, I’d be delighted to share.

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